Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fifa 14 Keygen Free download

FIFA 14 is the next edition of best-selling series of sports simulations, developed by the company Electronic Arts and benefiting from the official license of the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA). The developers at EA Canada observance of traditional one-year production cycle and evolutionary changes.

Players once again have the opportunity to manage your favorite soccer players from around the world fighting in friendly matches, league or cup. This time, the database containing the names of more than 15 thousand. players from dozens of countries. As in previous versions do not run cycle many licensed clubs of the most prestigious leagues.

The options allow the game to compete with the computer AI or live opponents. According espouses trend for several years, developers also took care of a wealth of features including social networking related with a network module EA Sports Football Club.

The gameplay in FIFA 14 is based on the solutions of earlier views of the cycle, although his custom developers also tempted by a number of innovations designed to improve the attractiveness of virtual struggle on the football field. Seriously, has been changed, eg ball physics so futbolówkę behaves more realistically and predictably. The completely remodeling the system of passing shots. Players - if they have opportunity to do so - adjusting step, the speed and angle of approach into the ball to give the best shot towards the goal of opponents.

In FIFA 14 players also gained greater control over the construction of the stock and the game in the middle, allowing you to dictate the pace of the match. In addition, developers have introduced such improvements as increased intelligence teammates, the ability to overclock passes and dribbling on the run and a wider repertoire of plays on defense.

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